Faith Resources

Welcome to the ASA Faith Resources page! This page will provide you with links to online resources about the Catholic Faith. Here you will find helpful information for parents and students - articles, videos, games, even apps, and podcasts. Check out the subpages for resources for specific categories like Sacraments, Liturgical Year, Scripture & Prayer, the Saints, and more.

*Please note that these pages are in the process of being built and will be added to over time.*

Catholic Trivia & Catholic Bible Trivia App (free) : These apps are an awesome way to test your knowledge not only about the teachings of the faith, but Catholic movies and cultures as well!




Bible App for Kids (Free): The artwork is engaging and it has great vibrant colours. The stories are simplified, so it isn’t difficult to understand. It is interactive! Touching on animals, or people gives reactions. The stories are narrated and also written out, so that it helps kids to read, at least for sight words, like Jesus, God, and more.

Hallow (free): A prayer and meditation app.

Catholic Sprouts: Daily Podcast for Catholic Kids A daily podcast for Catholic kids. The short episodes are designed to plant one seed of faith each day. Topics covered include Catholic Feast Days, Morality, Catholic Theology, the saints, and the sacraments.

Catholic Stuff You Should Know Podcast

Listen to young Catholic priests talk about faith and culture. With humor, wit, and friendship, they sound like everyday guys getting together to talk about what is important to them.

Saint Stories for Kids - offers a weekly podcast featuring a Catholic saint

Other Parent Resources

Focus on the Family App (free)

The Focus on the Family Broadcast provides daily encouragement that helps families thrive each day. For over 40 years, one half-hour at a time, Focus on the Family has shared meaningful advice across the nation.

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Spiritual Communion

Sunday Gospel Resources


    • 52 Sundays is a dynamic guide to help you and your family reclaim the Lord's Day with prayer, activities, food, and more! It offers simple and insightful ways for your family to spend time together each Sunday learning more about the Catholic faith and having fun while you’re at it.

Pray-As-You-Go (free)

This app contains reflections on the readings for the day. Lasting between ten and thirteen minutes, it combines music, scripture and some questions for reflection. The app also includes The Examen (and an Examen for Children), from Ignatian Spirituality, to help you reflect on your day.


Online Catholic Game for Children - EWTN has an interactive online game dedicated to helping kids learn a little bit more about saints, prayer, the Bible, the parts of a Church (things inside), and even the value of life.

Catholic Trivia Game - Test your knowledge of the Catholic faith with this free online trivia game.


“How precious is the family, as the privileged place for transmitting the faith!” - Pope Francis