Service Credits

Service Credit Policy (From All Saints Academy 2021-22 Policy Handbook, pp. 29-32)

The All Saints Academy Board of Directors is committed to working together with families in this partnership to promote faith formation and student learning. Encouragement to participate in your child’s education is a prime concern for the Board of Directors. Research has shown that the more parents actively participate in school related activities the more likely that students will have higher grades and test scores. The more comprehensive and well planned the partnership between school and home, the higher the student achievement. We, as a Catholic school, are called to serve one another. Because of that, the All Saints Academy Board of Directors have established the following policy:

“All families K-8 attending All Saints Academy must complete 10 credits of volunteer service per family during the school year.”

The time for families to complete their service requirements starts April 1st of the previous school year and ends on March 31st of the current school year.

Service requirements must be completed by immediate adult members (ages 18 and older) of the family. Grandparents may assist in acquiring service credits.

Families that do not fulfill the required service credits must pay $25.00 per service credit in addition to any other school fees. This amount will be automatically deducted from their FACTS account in the month of May. No registration of a student will be deemed complete until the service credit fee has been paid.

Service Credit Opportunities – There are numerous opportunities throughout the school year to earn service credits.

Service Credit Opportunities will vary per campus. Typical service opportunities may include volunteering for:

  • Parish Festivals

  • Parish Garages Sales or other large-scale parish fund raisers.

  • Homeroom Parents opportunities, parties etc.

  • School talent or other shows, plays, recitals, field trips and other school day events.

  • Assisting in lunch or recess duties.

  • Active member of the Parent Association.

A list of qualifying events will be announced at registration and opportunities for signups will be provided throughout the year.

REMINDER: Any service credit opportunity that involves working with or near All Saints Academy school children requires that the person providing the service is following the Archdiocesan Safe Environment program. This includes having completed “Protecting God’s Children” (PGC), reading and signing the Code of Ethical Conduct, and obtaining a background check.

Requests for New and Additional Opportunities

Additional opportunities (fundraisers, events, etc.) may arise throughout the school year that may qualify for service credit. Families will be notified of the newly approved opportunities in a timely fashion, to sign up for service.

Excluded Opportunities

  • Services that will not fulfill a service credit requirement are as follows:

  • Athletic Association officer duties, coaching and parent requirements (i.e., serving as sports coordinator or working concession stand duty)

  • Providing treats for students’ birthdays or half birthdays

  • Participation in Scouts and related activities or events.

  • Participation in or service for individual classroom fundraisers.

  • Volunteering for events outside of your child’s school campus.

Tracking Your Service Credits:

When you do give of your time, talents or treasures, complete the following steps to ensure you receive credit for your services:

  • Sign the group event form, which will be submitted by the chairperson of the event, or

  • Complete an individual event form and submit it to the school office.

Only one of the steps above is to be completed for an event. If a Group event form is available that is the only form to be completed.

Stewardship Incentive Program

Each family who completes their 10 required service credits will have their name put into a drawing at the end of the school year. For each additional 10 credits earned, another chance with your family’s name will be placed in a drawing. The names of five families from each campus will then be drawn to win a $250.00 voucher to be applied to the tuition for next school year. Only one voucher per family will be allowed.