Affordable Tuition

Parishioner and non-parishioner tuition rates are the same for all campuses. Tuition assistance scholarships available to families through Beyond Sunday and Today and Tomorrow Education Foundation.

· Parish Support
The three parishes each continue to contribute from their parish offertory toward the expenses of All Saints Academy. This is similar to the subsidy they paid for their parish schools in the past.

· Archdiocesan Grant
In addition to the support of three parishes, the archdiocese provides an ongoing operating grant, which enables program enhancements.

· Sharing Resources
Bulk buying power gets better deals on supplies.  Single entity enables easier resource and staff sharing.

· Parish Fundraising
Each parish continues traditional fundraising events and activities (i.e. parish festivals, auctions, trivia nights, TWB/SCRIP etc.) to enable the support of their campus and to provide tuition assistance to parishioners.