Rigorous Curriculum

The principals and teachers across all three campuses have been working together on a unified curriculum for preschool through 8th grade.

· New math and religion textbooks were purchased for 2018-19, with plans to upgrade additional texts in the future.

· Classroom Technology Upgrades
including Chromebooks and Smart Boards, Full Campus Wi-Fi Access

· Program and Staffing Enhancements
In addition to classroom teachers in preschool through 8th grade, each campus has ongoing access to the following NEW and STRENGTHENED staff and services:

· Coordinator of Religious Education

· Spanish Class Weekly, K-8th

· Business Manager

· School Nurses

· Technology Coordinators

· School Counselors

· Speech-Language Pathologist for Early Intervention

· Learning Consultants

· P.E. Twice Per Week, K-8th

· Music and Band

· Art

· Daily Hot Lunch by Food Service Consultants

· Before- and After-School Care

· Teachers in Professional Learning Teams with the Federation of Catholic Schools

· Parish CYC Athletic Programs & Robotics